Thursday, November 30, 2006

Can Eagles Revive Season Against Carolina?

There is no middle ground. The Eagles will either turn their season around in Monday Night's game at Lincoln Financial Field against the Carolina Panthers, or be finished for good.
While this writer still doesn't think the Eagles will earn a postseason berth, at least they can stay very much alive in the playoff race with a win over Carolina.
The Panthers are 6-5 and if the playoffs were held today, they would earn one of the two wild card spots. The Eagles are 5-6 and simple math tells you that they would jump back in the playoff hunt with a win.
Right now the playoffs should be the furthest thing on the mind of a team that has lost two in a row and five of six.
Stopping the run, getting consistency on offense and actually winning a game should be the only priority.
Whether the Eagles would be able to sustain a playoff run or not, a win over Carolina, means that the final quarter of the season could be meaningful.
If they lose the game, it would be difficult to think of the Eagles being able to surpass last year's 6-10 record.
In a normal year, the Eagles would be eliminated from realistic playoff contention by now. They keep getting breaks because many of the other NFC contenders keep playing down to the competition.
If the Eagles don't show life while playing at home in prime time before a national television audience, then they never will.
Despite playing some of the worst football in the NFL, the schedule remains meaningful. These chances won't last forever.


At 11:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

unless Seth Joyner decides unretire and play,, he today is probably better then what we have in Matt McCoy? or Dehanni Jones,,, such a waste of money


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