Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fans Come Through For Eagles

After criticizing the Eagles fans for leaving the game early in their 30-24 overtime loss to the New York Giants, it's only fair to give them props for their performance in Sunday's 38-24 win over Dallas.
Many of the players felt that the electricity and noise level rivaled that of the Eagles' 27-10 NFC championship win over the Atlanta Falcons two seasons ago.
Lincoln Financial Field was definitely rocking and the fans' effort didn't go unnoticed by the team.
"I give the fans a lot of credit for the support that they showed," Eagles coach Andy Reid said. "They were definitely the 12th man out there, very loud and aggressive."
And he also praised the fans for using their collective heads.
"And on the other side if it, the fans were very smart, I think," Reid said. "They kept themselves out of trouble."
All week the players acknowledged how inspired they get by the Philadelphia fans. And after the game, they couldn't say enough about the fans' effort.
"They were unbelievable," said Eagles defensive tackle Darwin Walker, who had three sacks in the game. "It was so loud there and a great atmosphere."
While the Eagles and their fans may have fallen short against the Giants, both redeemed themselves against the Cowboys.
Nobody should underestimate the contribution that the 12th man can have on the success of a football team.


At 11:57 AM, Blogger Dave Popstar said...

Another observation -- the Linc remained packed until the very end of the game (which realistically was when Lito scored). Usually, a significant number of people leave throughout the fourth quarter to beat the traffic nightmare. But at this game, it seemed like NOBODY left. This is even more of a big deal given that it was a 4:15pm game and stretched much later than the typical one o'clockers.

It actually reminded me of one of my other all-time favorite sports experiences -- May 20, 2004, when the Flyers forced a Game 7 against the tampa bay lightening in the Eastern Conference Finals. We were losing 4-3 deep in the third period, and this loss would have eliminated us from the playoffs. It was late on a weeknight, but no one budged. With just 1:43 left in regulation, Primeau tied it and sent it into overtime. By that point, fate was clearly on our side, and Gagne scored the winning overtime goal. It was truly amazing. It was just like Lito's runback in the dallas game -- after Primeau's and Gagne's goals, I was in the middle of a monstrous 40-person jumping hug. Sure, we ultimately lost Game 7, but our team was significantly older and pretty beat up -- but most importantly, they truly gave everything they had we were still proud of them.

Just like we were all proud of the Eagles on Sunday.

At 4:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

when will donte stallworth stop being part of the 12th man and become part of the 11 men on the field?

At 6:50 AM, Blogger Dave Popstar said...

My guess, for what it's worth, is not until after the bye week. That's not so bad, since that's when our schedule gets really tough. I wouldn't mind having him for Jax tho.


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