Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Still Many Questions About the Eagles

There are still many things we don't know about the Eagles, with the exception that they are 2-1 and will be a solid favorite in Monday Night's game at Lincoln Financial Field against the Green Bay Packers.
The Eagles have beaten two not so good teams, the Houston Texans and San Francisco 49ers on the road.
They squandered a 24-7 fourth quarter lead and lost 30-24 at home in overtime to the New York Giants. We're still not sure if the Giants are a good team, especially after last week's shabby performance in Seattle.
Still, wins in the NFL are hard to come by, so the Eagles won't be giving back those victories against the Texans and 49ers.
We probably won't begin getting answers about the Eagles until Oct. 8 when you-know-who comes to town with the Dallas Cowboys.
What we do know is that the Eagles are a banged up team, more so than one would like to be after three games.
Already, defensive end Jevon Kearse, who was playing at a Pro Bowl level, is lost for the season. The defensive backfield's health has been a constant conern and will remain that way, although the return to practice this week by Lito Sheppard is considered a positive sign.
The Eagles can't look past Green Bay, especially with Brett Favre in controls, but a loss would be devastating to their playoff chances.
And a win likely won't tell us more more than the fact that the Eagles can beat teams with lesser talent.
The real questions come after the Green Bay game, unless the Eagles look past the Packers. If the Eagles somehow lose to Green Bay there would be one major question - would the rest of the season mean very much?


At 8:39 PM, Blogger eaglesfanbytax said...

Wow, what a game.
Even more important, what another bullshit, waste of postgame interview time with Coach A-hole.
The same olde, same olde. "I could have done a better job with this, a better job with that" and on and on and on. How many times would your boss at work fall for this b-shit.
I'm tired of the same old interview with Reid after the eagles lose.
He even got a little pissed at Les Bowen for moving around during the press conference.
Hey Andy, get a life. Bowen has a job. A job to report to the eagles fans what you couldn't clarify during your postgame crap session. To clarify who f-ed up, who blew it and when they blew it.
Even the mob (organized crime) in New York and Chicago are naming names.

I'm tired of your pompous, arrogant postgames interviews. The reporters have a job. A job to report to the fans, what happened.

I can't believe the writers and sportscasters in philly let you get away with such an indignant attitude.

Hey coach, the fans want to why WE lost.
The writers and sportscasters relay the message. Stop being such a creep.

Remember, without the fans, there would be no game.


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