Wednesday, September 27, 2006

No Time For Judgment on T.O.

We live in a world where people want immediacy, and that includes opinions on breaking news. Here's some advice on the current situation of Terrell Owens - hold off until all the facts are known.
Police reports obtained by several news outlets revealed that Owens, the ex-Eagle and current Dallas Cowboys receiver, attempted suicide by overdosing on pain medication.
The airways have been filled with speculation about this and all the amateur psychologists are attempting to determine the reason for such alleged behavior.
Owens left this city one as one of the most despised athletes after his role in helping break up the Eagles last season. None of that matters at this moment.
Owens was rushed to the hospital. His publicist says he had an allergic reaction to pain medication. Who knows how many pain pills he took, why he took them and what was going through his mind?
Nobody knows what Owens was or is truly thinking other than T.O. himself. We all have our opinions based on the facts we are receiving, but those thoughts are better kept private.
He should be examined by a battery of doctors who know how to deal with this type of situation.
And until it all is sorted out, making any type of judgments on Owens is simply irresponsible.


At 4:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The press was the villain in the TO story in Philadelphia. Owens himself is simply an idiot when confronted with a microphone, and the Philly press certainly knows that better than anyone - but he is also the best receiver in the NFL. And we lost him because of their coverage of a story they created themselves.

The Philly press still loves to point at TO's sit-ups on his front lawn as some kind of indication of disrespect, but it was the Philly press that set up a circus there and asked if they could join him for pizza. All Owens was doing was trying to go home from a bad day at the office.

But the press is out for stories, even when they have to create them. This time, Philadelphia's press managed to make a bad situation worse and cost us a star who took us to the Superbowl (there was no bigger reason) and almost won it despite an injury that might have sidelined a lesser man for his career.

If the Eagles had won that very close game, there would be a statue of Terrel Owens above every altar in every church in the city of Philadelphia. Instead, we have a statue of a fictional sports figure, played by a victim of plastic surgery that only Michael Jackson could appreciate, placed in the wrong spot at the Art Museum.

If want to blame someone for what happened last year, blame the Philly press first, then Rosenhaus and then Owen's stupidity. But do it in that order.


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