Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Time For Concern at Running Back

BETHLEHEM, Pa. -- The Eagles don't seem to be alarmed at the latest Brian Westbrook injury. Heck, the team didn't even announce it until two days after it occurred, during Sunday's 16-10 loss to Oakland in the Hall of Fame game.
Westbrook has a sprained foot. The good news is that it is the left foot, opposite of the foot in which he suffered the Lis Franc sprain that cost Westbrook the final four games of last season.
Until Westbrook returns, especially considering his history spent on the sidelines, there is reason to worry.
And even if he does come back, it's time the Eagles looked into getting running back depth. Bruce Perry (concussion) is hurt again and Ryan Moats just returned and looked a little tentative after missing 12 days with a knee sprain.
Reno Mahe has been a durable back in camp, who has taken his share of hits and should make the team due to his versatility. Mahe is a great player to have on a team, but he is no No. 2 back.
The Eagles will no doubt comb the waiver wire later this month to search for a serviceable backup back.
Last year they got Lamar Gordon near the start of the season which didn't exactly work out. Still, the Eagles have to make acquiring a back a top priority because the other players are either too injury prone or too inexperienced.
Correll Buckhalter would be an idea No. 2 back and he has shown a good burst in camp, but it's hard to trust somebody who has missed the last two seasons and three of the past four with knee injuries.
The Eagles will be in big trouble if they feel this current running back corps can get them through the season. Actually they can get through the season, but it likely won't be a winning one.
While upgrading at wide receiver is a top priority, the Eagles need depth at running back, if they plan to be competitive on a consistent basis.


At 9:47 AM, Blogger Luke Stillson said...

TJ Duckett may be the odd man out in ATL's youth movement at RB - comfortable with limited touches and addresses goalline need. Chris Brown? Thomas Jones?

At 12:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why not Thomas Tapeh? He always looks good when they let him carry the ball.

At 11:45 AM, Blogger JOHN said...



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