Monday, August 21, 2006

Reid, McNabb Profess Faith In RB's and WRs

What is Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb supposed to say? They were asked on Monday about the Eagles receivers and both professed to have faith in these maligned groups.
"We're comfortable with the skill position players," McNabb said. "With the receivers, tight ends, the running backs, I think we can do some good things this year."
Again, McNabb can't be ripping his teammates, but wouldn't somebody like to give him a lie detector test? While tight end L.J. Smith and Matt Schobel are looked on as positives, the receivers as a group might be the worst in the NFL.
And if Brian Westbrook isn't healthy, the running back situation will be dire.
If the Eagles were so happy with their skill position players, why would they work out Stephen Davis, who has battled knee injuries and now old age (32). Once an all-Pro, Davis is no longer of the elite status. Whether he can squeeze another effective season remains to be seen.
The fact that the Eagles are looking for reinforcements, shows they indeed aren't satisfied with the skill players, nor should they be.
The receivers had an awful hard time getting open against the first-team Baltimore defense in Thursday's 20-10 loss to the Ravens.
Reggie Brown is the No. 1 receiver who seems more suited to be a No. 2. There really isn't a legitimate No. 2 receiver among the rest, including Todd Pinkston, who still has plenty to prove coming off last season's ruptured Achilles tendon injury.
Reid was asked if there is anything about the running back situation that made him bring Davis in.
"No necessarily," he said. "We had planned to bring him in later in training camp to take a look at him and if he was still available and just make sure we evaluated him without people and see where he is at."
Teams don't bring in 10-year NFL veterans just to evaluate them. Obviously the Eagles are concerned about their running backs, especially since Westbrook has questionable durability.
So Reid and McNabb have to keep stating the company policy, suggesting that the backs and receivers will be fine.
They can't insult their players in public, but privately, there has to be plenty of talk about upgrading both positions.


At 6:22 PM, Blogger Brian said...

Perhaps they'll be interested in Charles Rogers when he gets released?

At 6:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bad head case.Why do we always end up with other people's junk?

At 8:18 AM, Anonymous Jeffvco said...

You're right. What are Reid and McNabb supposed to say?

A true professional doesn't whine or gripe publicly about the tools they are lacking, they just do the best with what they have. Kudos to big Red and DMac for professionalism.

On the surface, demerits also seem to be in order for the sub-par althletes we've chosen and stuck with at the skill positions. But a closer look reveals the ugly truth about previously winning seasons, salary cap management and long term strategies.

The facts are, you'll seldom have high draft picks, and how many free agents can you throw money at and be fiscally responsible (the redskins have proven that throwing money at a problem doesn't work) for the long haul.

In my mind the above situations don't completely absolve Eagles coaches and management from what can be considered as blunders or missteps. They've certainly made a few. Most notably, with Pinskton (who actually thought this guy could transform into a high caliber WR), and not aquiring a young power back in this or previous drafts.

I know what you're thinking, what about that jerk with the initials we just threw out of town? I give the organization a pass on that one, the decision made good football sense and they're football professionals not psychiatric professionals.

I mean, to think that guy would melt-down like he did after a spectacular year... who knew?

At 8:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

good blog ried lives in what i consider walmart land he will say anything but the facts thats why ther birds will not make the playoffs again , he speaks with a fork mouth full of food

At 11:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Eagles have three major needs still and anyone who knows anything about football, including Banner and Reid, know it. They need a backup RB, they need a # 1 wide receiver and they still need a LB. Why can everyone else see that and know it, they said this same crap before Owens arrived. They made the exact same statements and then we went out and acquired Owens. We are back in the same boat again and the sad part is we have a legit shot to win. We are going to come close, and yet be so far away !

At 11:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As we all know we need help at RB and WR. How were we not involved in the trade talks with TJ Duckett and/or Ashley Lelie? What about Jerry Porter?

At 9:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This could be Reid's last season in Philly if fails to bring in a big running back who can carry the ball 10-15 times per game (Buckhalter is too injury prone). Also a speed receiver (Pinkston is too injury prone) is needed.

If Reid fails to address these 2 needs before the season starts then he should start packing his bags.

This is the make or break year for McNabb. Tom Brady and Ben Roethlesberger are younger and both have accomplished more.

At 1:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes. Obviously Donovan & Andy are both lying about the players on the squad. It's blatantly obvious that Avant, Baskett, Reggie Brown, etc. have no skills whatsoever. The Eagles are doomed! Somebody hold me!!



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