Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Pinkston Rightfully Shown The Door

The Todd Pinkston era is over in Philadelphia and there won't be many people shedding tears. For somebody who started on a team that went to four NFC title games and one Super Bowl, Pinkston wasn't the most appreciated athlete.
He was known for his speed and and his career 15.3 average yards per catch is better than Terrell Owens (14.7).
Yet Pinkston, despite being a second-round draft choice, was never more than a complimentary receiver. Plus he had just 14 touchdowns during his four years as a full-time starter, not the type of production that would make him a fan-favorite.
This year the Eagles were almost forced to depend on Pinkston, but anybody who saw him in training camp, practice or his one preseason game would have to realize that he still appeared tentative.
What's worse, if the Eagles had to depend on him, they would have been in deep trouble. The brain trust realized this fact, which is why they acquired Donte' Stallworth.
It's no secret that the coaching staff felt Pinkston was taking a little too long to get back in the swing of things. And now he is free to begin his career elsewhere.
Don't be surprised if he ends up in Minnesota, where head coach Brad Childress, the former Eagle offensive coordinator, has welcomed ex-Eagles with open arms.
Pinkston may be a productive player, but he wasn't going to help the Eagles right now or probably any time this year.
He was very popular with his fellow teammates, who genuinely looked up to a player who has been with the Eagles since 2000.
Now the book is closed on Pinkston. The Eagles appreciate his service, but realized that they couldn't depend on him.
And nobody can question that logic.


At 7:45 AM, Anonymous Jeffvco said...

Philly is a tough town, with tough fans; even though more than half of them live in the surrounding counties and *shudders* Jersey, they've still adopted the towns gritty, rogue persona.

That said, Pinkston fell out of favor with the fans when he demonstrated he had no heart to sacrifice his body for the cause.

Cowardice (even if it's dictated by good sense) is not rewarded in this town. And never will be.

We want receivers that won't flinch to go over the middle. Pinkston didn't have it in him, and quite frankly, that's why he won't be missed.

Wished it was a few years sooner. Personally, I dreaded the day they gave him the lucrative contract. Everyone but the Eagles brass knew the guy had no heart.

I guess they thought he could go see the wizard. They didn't know the wizard had retired...

At 2:25 PM, Anonymous Rizzo said...

Stallworth is hardly the great T.O.

and man, this McNabb guy is terrible. He can't throw a decent pass to save his life (or career). Wake up morons in Philly...your quarterback is an over hyped over paid fraud. Oh it's true. It's damn true.

At 2:26 PM, Anonymous Higgins said...

Rizzo, you are right on the money. McNabb makes me sick too. He's god awful.

At 2:42 PM, Anonymous JoeCephus said...


At 3:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, Higgins and Rizzo, who's better. Last year's numbers don't count for McNabb. Based on my quick run through the starting QBs in the league, I count 4 better (Brady, Big Ben, P. Manning and Hasselbeck), 2 that are debatable (Green and Delhomme) and 2 that have the potential, but have only one year of good stats to back them up (E. Manning and Palmer). Otherwise, you have got a bunch of guys past their prime (Favre, Brunell, Bledsoe, Warner, ....) or a bunch that have been really beat up over the past couple of years and have been let go/traded by their former teams (Duante, McNair, Brees, ...). By my calculation, that put McNabb somewhere between #5 - #7 and puts him up there as one of the best QBs in the league. What do you got?

Jets (Pennington) - Not. Barely holding the job as starter.
Pats (Brady) - Better
Bills (Losman) - Not.
Fins (Duante) - Not. Hasn't looked too good the past couple of seasons, even when not injured. If he was so good, why did Minny let him go?

Steelers (Big Ben) - Better
Ravens (McNair) - Not. See comments above for Daunte, except insert Titans for Minny.
Bengals (Palmer) - Not. Has potential, especially w/ those receivers. But one season and damaged knee doesn't put him above McNabb for right now.
Browns (Frye) - Not

Colts (P. Manning) - Better
Texans (Carr) - Not
Titans (Kerry Collins) - Not
Jags (Leftwitch) - Not

Broncos (Plummer) - Not. If he is so good, why did Shanahan expend a #1 on Cutler?
Chargers (Rivers) - Not
Raiders (Brooks) - Not. Please, why did Raiders sign a guy who hasn't played in a couple of years.
Chiefs (Green) - Not. But I could see some people arguing that he is better.

Giants (E. Manning) - Not. Maybe in a couple of years, but one season does not a QB make.
Cowboys (Bledsoe) - Not. Better years long ago.
Redskins (Brunell) - Not. See Bledsoe

Bears (Grossman/Griese) - Not. Grossman can't last a season. And if Griese is so good, why have so many teams let him move on.
Packers (Favre) - Not. See Bledsoe.
Vikings (Johnson) - Not. Don't try to argue this one with a straight face
Detroit (Kitna) - Not.

Falcons (Vick) - Not. A RB playing QB and running HB optioin passes
Panthers (Delhomme) - Not. Plays in a ball control system. But, like Green, I could accept that someone would argue this point.
Saints (Brees) - Not. If he were so good, why would the Chargers let him walk. They could trade Rivers. Plus, he has to overcome shoulder surgery
Bucs (Simms) - Not

49ers (Smith) - Not
Cards (Warner) - Not. See Bledsoe
Seahawks (Hasselbeck) - Better
Rams (Bulger) - Not

At 7:13 PM, Anonymous Jeffvco said...

Re: Rizzo post...

The classic mid to high level Troll is one that will respond to his own troll in the usually futile attempt to substantiate it. The amateur Troll will immediately respond to his own troll.

Rizzo/higgins has won the latter distinction.

re: [Rizzo 2:25 PM (troll), higgins 2:26 PM (double troll)]

At 10:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always liked Pinkston and thought he had great potential, but it was always potential and never really came through. Never seemed to do enough with his height but maybe his lack of strength made it difficult to outplay those linebackers and safeties. he left me with a lingering sense of disappointment. Hope he does well in his new team.

At 6:09 PM, Anonymous drenner said...

You guys are wierd. I've never been to this site and won't be back. Get a life

At 11:17 AM, Blogger DrZ88 said...

I don't why the Eagles' management has made something rocket science when it didn't have to be the case.

With all due respect to Todd, he wasn't that good, period. A lot of his big catches were the result of busted plays where McNabb was scrambling. The money the Eagles signed him to was ridiculous. I feel the same about Greg Lewis. Right now on waivers there are about two receivers and two RB who are better than what we have on our current roster. We have a solid team, but not a deep team. Well, deep at the lines I guess. I just don't understand how Andy Reid, a supposed offensive genius, can't get in here some decent back up RB, and receivers. Stop making it so hard fellas. Don't even address people who doubt McNabb. Every team would want him if they could.

At 1:53 PM, Blogger yobill626 said...

Have to agree with Anon(1) on McNabb. There's not a whole lot better. In fact, I'd dispute Big Ben. He's very good, but he's also in a system that doesn't demand very much of him.

I think McNabb suffers from the "Philly is tough on their #1 baseball power hitter & starting Quaterback". Mike Schmidt was raked over the coals weekly, yet he's one of the best of all time.

Everyone in the NFL East has some holes. I see the Eagles as a 10 - 6 team --- easy! Did anyone see their schedule? They should be 7 - 1 & on a roll by the break...

At 5:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 12:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

question - why cut reed for perry, one heart, vs. return, seriously, someone convince me why this happened. please, matt ware, okay, but a man who battled hard to come back and you take a man who has a history of folding, seriously, i went to maryland, he has talent but always was hurt, why?

looking for answers,
thanks ,

At 9:37 AM, Anonymous Rizzo said...

You guys are such losers because you care about the Eagles soooo much. They don't care about you, you morons. Keep wasting your lives.

At 12:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

First McNabb is a better QB then most of the guys in the league. Big Ben is in a system were he needs to only throw the ball 18-22 times a game. Brady is going to have a down year with no WR and no Running game he is going to fold under the pressure.

Dont know what to say about Reed getting cut. I think he had a great pre-season and he should have made the team. My concerns are that the Eagles kept 5 RB....why keep 5 RB. No team in the league has that many.

I think that the Eagles Defense will carry them on the way to the Super Bowl. Look for the defense to be #1 or 2 in the league this year. Totter Defense MVP of the league.

And to all the no-eagle fans. If the highlight of your day is to get on to the Eagles web site and bash eagle fans because they have a lot of passion about there team. Then I'm sorry you dont have a real team to love.


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