Saturday, August 26, 2006

Eagles Vets Can Finally Focus On Regular Season

There's an old axiom that a team should never look too far ahead, but the Eagles can be excused if they look past next week.
That's because many of the veterans will have off from Friday's preseason finale at Giants Stadium against the New York Jets.
The veterans traditionally don't play much or at all in the preseason finale. Couple the fact that the Eagles had five preseason games, and the next time many of the key contributors will be on the field, they will be playing for keeps. That will be Sept. 10 in Houston against the Texans.
The Eagles can use the next two weeks to fine-tune things. The defense looks sharp while the offense is a work very much in progress.
Still, the players are relieved that training camp and for many, the preseason is over.
"The best part is that we are relatively healthy," said cornerback Lito Sheppard.
Healthy and hungry. And after Friday's 16-7 preseason win over Pittsburgh, many of the veterans seem genuinely excited to begin the regular season after an overly long training camp and preseason.


At 2:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to suggest the name `Herman Defense` for this year`s D, because it`s gonna be a green monster. This line will raise shades of Reggie White and Jerome Brown, and Trotter and Dawkins will consequently have monster years. Sheldon Brown will make his 1st pro bowl and Lito will pick off alot off passes. Dhane needs only be solid at strong side, and he will. Shawn Barber will excel if Jones or McCoy falters.

On offense, McNabb is sparkling perfect, and Garcia isnt too bad either with good protection. Buckhalter looks good, and Westbrook is still dazzlingly great for at least 12 games a year. Tapeh seems to be back also, so they can bring a load at the goal line.

Reggie Brown will quietly have a breakout year with 60 catches,L.J. Smith will have 60 also, along with Westbrook; and Darnerien McCants will be my sleeper pick at WR.
Who knows, maybe Basket will catch a few too.
I predict 11 wins,because this team has proven it can win one of those character wins down the end stretch of the schedule.

At 12:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I appreciate your enthusiasm and homerness, but I think you are overhyping a few things that are out of place. I think 11 wins is possible, only if they get to a great start. "DontHurtMe" Jones needs only to be"solid, as you say? You make it seem like that is a sure thing as if he has been doing that since he got here. He has been nothing but a disappointment. Eagles made the right call in letting Emmons go, but haven't filled the spot since. I like McCoy and his speed and intensity, but he looks lost out there still. Of course I love trot, but aside from him, linebackers look like the they are up there with the weakest position on the team. Also, Tapeh seems to be back? What the heck have u been watching... I haven't seen him do anything. We are just gonna have to wait for the birds to draft Brian Leonard this offseason.

At 1:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, I`ll clarify what I meant in my 1st post. Was anybody really worrried about Dhani being a liability during the Super Bowl year? No, because they got a good pass rush. Of course Jones stunk last year... Dawkins stunk last year (by his standards). They had no pass rush and got exposed. By all accounts that I have heard, Jones has been solid all of training camp (just like he was in `04, and he`s getting scrappier. Trotter can rub off on his fellow LBs a little. They`re trying to push him with Barber, and don`t forget Gaither is in the mix too. Likewise the pass rush will cover up some rookie mistakes on McCoy`s part too.

By saying Tapeh is back, I meant physically. Obviously, he`s able to play, and if the coaches see talent there, there is probably talent there. Reid doesn`t pick bad running backs, just RBs that get injured alot; but that goes for the rest of the NFL too, really. RB is the most injury prone position. Why do you think a Stephen Davis won`t get injured too?

Jeff C.


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