Monday, August 14, 2006

Cause for Alarm With Westbrook?

The Eagles continue to say they aren't overly concerned about Brian Westbrook, even though the brittle, but effective running back won't play during Thursday's presason game in Baltimore against the Ravens.
Westbrook has a sprained left foot and coach Andy Reid continues to say that he gets better every day. Reid said that the swelling is out of the foot, but that it would take a little time for him to return. He added that it would be a be a struggle for Westbrook to be ready for the Aug. 25 preseason game at Lincoln Financial Field against the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Based on Westbrook's injury history, it would probably be better if he doesn't appear in another preseason game.
The question is that with something as delicate as a foot, will he be able to be 100 percent for the Sept. 10 opener in Houston against the Texans?
The good news is that it isn't a Lis Franc sprain and it isn't on the right foot. Last year Westbrook suffered a Lis Franc sprain on his right foot that forced him to miss the final four games of the season.
This year's injury isn't considered nearly as severe, but it's still the foot, a vital part of the body for any running back.
"He stretched ligaments in there a bit and sprained the foot, so we've got to wait until that heals," Reid said.
And who knows if this will be a lingering injury.
Until Westbrook can return to a game and show that he isn't hampered by his latest injury, the Eagles should be concerned. And they no doubt should be scanning the waiver wire for serviceable running backs, especially if Westbrook takes longer than expected to heal.


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