Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Trotter Providing Strong Leadership

BETHLEHEM, PA -- Eagles middle linebacker Jeremiah Trotter says he doesn't like training camp, which doesn't make him different from about 1,000 other NFL players. If Trotter hadn't mentioned his dislike for training camp, it would be difficult to tell by his demeanor and more importantly, his play on the field.
On the first day of live contact at Lehigh, Trotter was buzzing all around the field, simulating a hungry rookie instead of a four-time Pro Bowl player. When a player who made the Pro Bowl last year is working so hard, what choice to his teammates have?
Trotter even had some fun in the afternoon session after intercepting a pass, he was looking for paydirt. After a few steps Trotter lateraled the ball to Sheldon Brown and the defense was a having a good old time.
Of course the offense may not have appreciated it, but at least everybody had to laud Trotter for his effort and enthusiasm.
Training camp is longer this year and some veterans might think of pacing themselves, but there can be no slackers when one of the best defensive players in the league has decided that he wasn't taking any plays off.
That is leadership, a component that was sorely missing last year. Trotter is getting everybody's attention early and the Eagles can only hope that his teammates follow his lead.


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