Thursday, July 20, 2006

Reid Bristles At Absent Bunkley

BETHLEHEM, PA -- Andy Reid rarely shows emotion, but the Eagles coach was visibly upset. The subject was first round draft choice Brodrick Bunkley and his decision to be a holdout. Bunkley is the only unsigned Eagle. He's also officially in Reid's doghouse.
"You miss practice and it's tough to get in the flow," Reid warned.
It's obvious Reid won't have much sentiment if Bunkley misses a lot of time. On a defense that recorded just 29 sacks, Bunkley is being looked as a potential disruptive force inside. Then again, he can't rush the quarterback if he doesn't rush into camp.
Players such as incumbent starter Darwin Walker and veteran Sam Rayburn, who suffered though an injury plagued season in 2005, will benefit by Bunkley's absence.
The fact that Bunkley participated in all the minicamps will help, but nothing beats the daily contact of training camp.
For now it's early, but a rookie trying to learn coordinator Jim Johnson's complex defense, can't spend too long on the sidelines.
In a camp that doesn't consist of the controversy that existed during last year's T.O. fiasco, Bunkley will be watched closely - even if it's from afar.


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