Friday, July 21, 2006

McNabb Passes Audio Test

BETHLEHEM, PA -- Donovan McNabb proved to be entertaining at the microphone but none of that will matter if he can’t make the big play on 3rd and 7. The Eagles quarterback spent a lively 20 minutes answering reporters questions on Friday following the morning workout at Lehigh for selected rookies and veterans.
McNabb talked about many of the many insults in Terrell Owens’ new book, plus questions about his leadership and big-game ability.
In short, McNabb says there has never been and won’t be a leadership problem and he feels he has performed well in plenty of big games. (He may not have questions on those two topics, but others surely do, but that's for another day).
McNabb even addressed the statement in Owens' book that he influenced the Eagles’ decision to kick T.O. off the team last year.
“I can sit here and say that’s not true,” he said. “If I had that much pull, a lot of changes would be made, believe me.”
He was joking – sort of.
McNabb could have taken a stance that he is no longer talking about T.O. In fact that might not be a bad strategy, yet he is facing all the questions head on.
All the witty answers in the world, won’t mean anything if McNabb doesn’t show that he can bounce back from his worst season, one in which he missed the final seven games with a sports hernia.
McNabb’s best line of the day came when he was asked when his autobiography would come out.
“Mine is coming out real soon, he said laughing. “It’ll be a children’s book right next to his.”
Of course he meant Owens and that was a witty response. Yet the fans are sick of this griping between millionaire star football players.
McNabb realizes the only way T.O. will totally be forgotten is if the Eagles return to the playoffs instead of the NFC East basement. So McNabb can only hope that he can be as effective on the field as he was at the podium.


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