Monday, May 15, 2006

Eagles Looking Forward To Put 2005 Behind Them

The questions about T.O. and the rest of the disastrous 2005 season were fewer and fewer as the Eagles minicamp went on. For Eagles coach Andy Reid, this first minicamp was a time to put last season's 6-10 debacle well in the rearview mirror.
And he felt following the completion of the minicamp that the calendar has truly turned for the Birds.
"I feel like everybody wants to put it to rest," Reid said about last year. "They have all looked forward and are tired of the questions."
So are the people asking the questions. Of course, the whole spectacle of 2005, with the daily T.O. circus, won't be totally put to rest unless the Eagles resume their winning ways.
Still, Reid felt that there was much more outward passion shown at the first 2006 minicamp.
"They are out there, challenging each other which we didn't see early last year, talking back and forth between the offense and defense," Reid said. "...There is great competition for positions, great competition between the offense and defense and that is how you get yourself better as a football team."
This team is anxious to carve out its own identity because frankly, nobody wants to be identified with last year's team.
Reid and the players welcome all the questions about the 2006 Eagles because last year's version wasn't very entertaining or successful. That is why it has been easier for the team to look ahead, because taking a glance back is still pretty painful.


At 12:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the Beagles will be the same old scubby team they always turn out to be. Their lucky they had T.o. and after this season when they are still searching for answers they will probably go out and draft Allen Iverson


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