Sunday, May 14, 2006

Eagles Have Mindset Of A Contender

While it's difficult to tell much when football players are running around in shorts and no pads, the Eagles workouts at their minicamp are being done at a brisk pace.
The Sunday morning session, just like the two sessions on Saturday had a crispness to them. The players and coaches were all business. There was very little joking around and plenty of instruction.
The rookies, who were given 27 plays on Saturday to learn, were taking everything in, realizing they are behind, but willing to absorb all the material.
There is also a quiet confidence around this team. To a man, the Eagles feel that last year's 6-10 mark was the result of injuries, the T.O. fiasco and more injuries.
Even though the rest of the NFC East has seemingly improved, the collective mindset of this team is that they will indeed be a contender.
Again, little can be seen on the field in a minicamp, when there is no real hitting, but it's quite clear that the Eagles have put 2005 behind them and one thing this group won't lack is confidence.
Whether that translates to contention in the NFC East, remains to be seen.


At 12:32 PM, Blogger DaGreenBeast said...

One of the question I had, and didnt see is who lined up at wide number 1 wide receiver? I am going to assume it was Pinkston, with brown number two. If so that would leave gaffney in the slot. I am waiting for Andy Reid to deliver his standard wide reciever comment pre T.O., which went something like, "Our recievers are fine, we work on spreading the ball around". Like I said it
is coming, its just a matter of time.

At 12:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm nowhere near camp, but as for weher the recievers are lining up: I read somewhere that Pinkston wasn't running routes at this camp. He's still favoring that torn achilles tendon. I expect that means Brown, Gaffney, Lewis, etc. got more reps.

Pinkston is supposed to be 100% by the regular camp.


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