Monday, May 15, 2006

The Eagles Are Clearly McNabb's Team

There isn't a lot that can be determined at a minicamp where there is no actual hitting and much more fine-tuning. Still, one thing has become abundantly clear as the Eagles close out their first minicamp of the 2006 season - Donovan McNabb has assumed control of this team.
Of course, McNabb feels he never lost control, although that could be subject to debate. What can't be disputed is that he has gone out of his way this minicamp to show that he is a leader among the players.
While last year was tense from the first day of training camp due to McNabb's strained relationship with Terrell Owens, McNabb is back to being the guy who jokes with teammates, who offers an encouraging word to a fifth-string receiver, who congratulates players for good plays - in a 7-on-7 minicamp passing drill.
Physically, McNabb has looked sharp, this minicamp, but the biggest difference seems to be his mental outlook. No longer having to look over his shoulder at Owens or burdened by one insult after another from his former favorite target, McNabb looks comfortable. He has been in his element and it's clear from this minicamp that this is his team.
Now none of this may matter if he doesn't produce on the field, but at least McNabb seems to be relaxed, comfortable and ready to put the most miserable season of his football career clearly behind him.


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