Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Difficulties Of Learning A New System

It seems like such an elementary part of the game, but the one that the newcomers all seem to struggle with initially - learning the plays.
At the Eagles minicamp, the rookies are being thrown a steady diet of the playbook in rapid fashion.
"We've installed 30 plus plus passes every morning," said Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg. "For a new player that is a lot of things spinning through his mind."
For players such as offensive tackle Winston Justice, the second round draft choice from USC, it's a time deciphering the information overload in a major challenge.
"You have practice and meetings and then you go home and try to study as much as you can and remember it the next day," Justice said.
At first, the playbook is so complex that a player wonders when he will ever grasp a new system, but they had to do it from high school to college and now this is the another step, albeit an accelerated one.
For the rookies, they want to get to the point where they are reacting, instead of thinking on the field. There is still quite some time before that happens, but when they return for the rookie minicamp on May 24, all of them hope to have a better comfort level with the playbook after having a little time to decipher the information.


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