Sunday, May 14, 2006

Dawkins Deserves To Finish An Eagle

Brian Dawkins hopes to end his career where it started, with the Eagles. Now entering his 11th season, Dawkins has been a starter at free safety since his rookie year with the Eagles in 1996. After this season he will become an unrestricted free agent and the Eagles coaches say the 32-year-old Dawkins hasn't shown any signs of age.
The Eagles have a reputation of discarding 30-something players, but Dawkins should be an exception. Even though he didn't have his best season last year, he ended up earning his fifth Pro Bowl berth (as an alternate) by recording 125 tackles and three interceptions.
"I have said that from the beginning that I would love to finish my career here," Dawkins said. "...I love being here and playing here. If I had my choice, I would certainly want to end my career here."
Football teams show no sentimentality when releasing players, but the fact is that Dawkins can play. He was a victim of a poor pass rush last year when the Eagles had just 29 sacks and forced their defensive backs into extended coverage.
Dawkins is still among the hardest hitters in the NFL and has plenty of football left. It appears that he could play three more years at an extremely high level.
The Eagles would be wise to extend his contract before the season for a player who has represented the franchise in an exemplary manner both on and off the field.


At 6:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dawkins deserves an extended 3 year contract! He works hard and he helps the other DB's with there performence. He has class and he's an integrity keeper. How could the EAGLES not sign him?

Let him end his career as an EAGLE and not a cowboy, a giant or a redskin or ANY OTHER TEAM FPR THAT MATTER!


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