Friday, May 12, 2006

Bloom Performs At The Podium

For a fifth-round pick, Eagles rookie Jeremy Bloom has sure gotten his share of attention. Then again there aren't too many two-time Olympic skiers in the NFL. Actually there is nobody else with those credentials.
So Bloom has faced a question or two from the media during his time and at the first day of mini-camp, where players just reported for meetings at the Nova Care Complex, Bloom was by far the star at the podium.
When somebody asked him if he could become as good at football as skiing, the 24-year-old Bloom didn't flinch.
"To be as good in football as I was in skiing is monumental, like climbing Mt. Everest," Bloom said.
Bloom's mindset has been to come in and perform in anonymity, like most fifth round picks.
Fat chance.
"I've met a lot of the veterans and I've already heard a lot of ski jokes," Bloom said.
When asked if he would like to give up having the attention he earned from skiing, Bloom responded, "I would love that if that's the case."
This wasn't a case of false modesty. Bloom realizes that the only good attention is for something that will come on the field.
And when asked if it would be a problem to give up skiing if the Eagles request that, he was quick on his feet.
"I would have no problem with that," he said. "I'm here to play football, not go skiing and go to the Poconos."
If Bloom holds his own as a return man as he did at the microphone, then he could become the big-play performer that we saw at the University of Colorado.


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