Saturday, April 29, 2006

Jets Control Draft

NEW YORK - Now comes the real intrigue. The draftniks in the crowd were buzzing. This is no doub ta New York Jets day at the 71st annual NFL draft in Radio City Music Hall.
And a major of the fans are clad in Jets jerseys, waiting for the fourth pick in the draft.
Mario Williams of North Carolina State came to terms on Friday with Houston, assuring his spot at the top pick.
USC running back Reggie Bush went second to New Orleans (although there continue to be rumors of a trade with the Jets).
The Tennessee Titans took Texas quarterback Vince Young and now the Jets are on the clock.
The crowd is buzzing. It normally does when one of the New York teams has a high choice. The Jets also have the 29th and 35th pick in the draft so the faithful view this as a way to rebuild a team that needs plenty of rebuiding.
The Eagles pick 14th and right now that seems like an eternity away, or at least a good two hours from happening. For now, the Jets are at center stage.
Teams are allowed 15 minutes to make their first round picks and the Jets were expected to use every last second.
In this case, the Jets didn't disapppoint. The Jets selected Virginia offensive tackle D'Brickashaw Ferguson and while many fans were hoping for USC QB Matt Leniert, Ferguson received a loud ovation.
And so far, a draft that was expected to have plenty of mystery, especially at the top, has gone pretty much according to form.


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