Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Westbrook Not Wonderful

Eagles running back Brian Westbrook is understandably frustrated. He wants to run the ball and coach Andy Reid hasn't called his number a whole lot.
Westbrook feels that a back can't get into a rhythm with 5-10 carries per game. Still, it is up to Westbrook to make the most of his attempts and in the last three games, he has come up short.
He gained 25 yards on 10 carries against San Diego. That was after gaining 12 yards on six carries against Dallas. And that followed his effort against Kansas City, where he totaled 15 yards on nine carries.
If you're keeping score, Westbrook didn't score those three games. He also gained just 52 yards on 25 carries.
To be fair, there haven't been a lot of holes to run through for Westbrook, which leads one to believe that since the Eagles run so infrequently, that both he and the offensive line are having trouble establishing any continuity.
What Westbrook has to do is force Reid to give him the ball more. And while we're at it, wouldn't it be nice if on crucial third down plays that Westbrook is on the field instead of Lamar Gordon?
Anyway, Reid's play-calling hasn't drawn raves for obvious reasons, but Westbrook has to make the most of his limited chances.
Even as a pass receiver, he has dropped some catchable balls, maybe trying to do too much. There is a lot of the seaosn left for Westbrook to redeem himself, and to show Reid that he is worthy of more handoffs. To this point, neither the play calling nor his performance has been up to standards.