Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Shell-Shocked Eagles Flying South

They said all the right things in the locker room, after the most devastating loss of the season. This season, there have been more than a few sour defeats to choose from.
The Eagles talked about playing hard, putting Monday Night's 21-20 loss to Dallas behind them. Yet squandering a 20-7 lead with under four minutes left, appeared to leave the Eagles in a shell-shocked state.
And who can blame them? The players appeared in disbelief as they rehashed the details of a potential win that was was stolen from their grasp. Literally by Roy Williams.
Last year Williams was the player who had the horse collar tackle on Terrell Owens, that sidelined T.O. for four games until he returned for the Super Bowl.
This time Williams wasn't horsing around when he cut the Eagles heart out with a 46-yard interception return that gave the Cowboys their final 21-20 margin with 2:43 left.
It was not only an ill-advised pass, but an ill-advised play. The Eagles had a second-and-seven from their own 43, while leading 20-14. Dallas had two timeouts. Had the Eagles run the ball on second and third down, then Dallas would have been forced to use its final two timeouts.
As we know now, there was no third down because Williams took it to the house on his second down interception.
That play was a microcosm of the Eagles season - questionable play calling and even worse execution.
And now the Eagles players were bravely saying that they would be ready to bounce back for Sunday's game at the Meadowlands against the New York Giants.
It's natural to wonder, however if this was one loss that the Eagles won't be able to overcome. And one has to question whether the 4-5 Eagles really believe what they said.


At 7:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

They do not believe it, and they will lose. The Cowboys rock.

At 1:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what's the matter, TOO BIASED to blog the cowboys scores? hahahahaha

Cry, eagles Cry,
on the road to misery

cry eagles cry

At 1:17 PM, Blogger BirdSoul said...

The Dungs certainly didnt look impressive..i'd be suprised to see you pokes win more then 3 games for the rest of the year...Enjoy the victory while it lasts

At 1:37 PM, Blogger BigNewsDay said...

May not have looked impressive, but we sweeped the tweety birds!

At 1:40 PM, Blogger BirdSoul said...

You gotta stop looking at the world through dung colored glasses...Your season is as over as ours...

At 1:43 PM, Blogger BigNewsDay said...

Really? I believe we are now tied for first place.If the tweety birds can beat the Giants, we will be in soul posetion of first place.

At 4:53 PM, Blogger Roy said...

It was in some ways, worse than the Super Bowl loss, worse than so many other high profile losses over the last decades, it was crippling. This loss says that a hated rival is better, smarter, and they're the horrible Cowboys. This loss says there is no hope of winning with Donavan. He's toast, finished. A short career, so strange.

At 5:45 PM, Blogger BigNewsDay said...

The days of the tweety birds is over. I hope this loss feels much worse than the super bowl loss. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!

At 8:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Puhhleeze....all of you.
The Cowgilrz are on a timeclock.
Bledsoe is Bledsoe-an old drunk
who's had a couple lucky games.
He'll be 35???Done in the next year or so. Parcells:Done in a year or two.
The Girls don't respond well to change and flux.They'll go mediocre
when the clock strikes midnight.
This is a typical post Super Bowl swoon:the injuries,the egos,the whining.
It's a good thing to get kicked in the stoogats.Man up,guys.Prepare
for battle next year.
To the GirlyDay: we're comin',dog.
We're comin' for you.

At 10:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't bother us any...when we have some down years we can always pop in a DVD and watch one of our FIVE Super Bowl Victories, or see a recap of those TWENTY seasons in a row with a WINNING RECORD. You poor Iggles fans, your birds let you down again. Let's see, you made it there in '81 and again in '04, that means you'll be there again in 2027, take our advice, when you get there next time why don't you WIN for a change. It's nice, take our word for it. Sorry about McNabb's crotch pull...it was good while it lasted.

At 10:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Eagles, if you don't mind and you're not too busy waiting for McNabb's crotch to heal or having more arbitrators meetings over T.O., could you do the Cowboys a small favor and maybe win a game, like this week against the Giants. I know Eli Manning is probably going to kick you guys butts, however if you think you can act like a real NFL team for a change it would help. If you guys have to use Koy Detmer do you think you could get him a helmet that fits, he always has to wear that one thats two sizes too big, looks a little goofy for you guys.

At 12:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In all the years we've been butt friggin' the Boyz,I never once called any of my Cowgirl fan buddies and gave them any smack.
Never.In fact,I even turned analyst
and tried to tell 'em the Boyz would be back and the NFC East would ride again.
As soon as we dropped that ugly
game in D,the friggin' phone rang off the hook with those very same knuckleheads crowin' to beat the band.
Now you cockroaches know why we cheer when your big mouthed players go down in our stadium.

At 10:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You Iggles fans, what a laugh. What's with this "all those years we were butt friggin" the Boyz" ??? It doesn't surprise me that an Iggles fan would be into "butt friggin' with Boyz" and honestly you might want to keep that to yourself, but how does an overall record head-to-head sound if you're interested in FACTS!!!
Cowboys 51 wins to the Eagles 39, not counting the fact we are undefeated against you in the PLAYOFFS!!! How sad is it that you're actually proud of the fact that you also boo when a player gets injured. That pretty well sums you up, sad and pathetic. You can't win so you have to get your thrills by cheering an injury. I'll be watching this week when little Eli Manning "butt frig's" you guys all over the field. At least you had the courage to come out of the closet, but we always knew the truth. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

At 4:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How does this poster believe that the Cowboys are undefeated against the Eagles in the playoffs?

I guess the 1980 NFC Championship doesn't count as the playoffs???

At 12:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You Iggles fans are too easy, I love it. You're right, you are absolutely right. I made a mistake, so let me make a correction...head to head Cowboys (America's Team) 51 victories...lowly Iggles 39, Super Bowl Victories Cowboys FIVE Iggles ZERO, but as was so wonderfully pointed out, "how does this poster believe the Cowboys are undefeated against the Eagles in the playoffs?"...I can just see it now as this person is sitting at home wishing he didn't have so much back hair and wondering why he can't get a date even though he still lives at home with his mother and he's 39 years old, but I digress....he astutely points out "twenty-five years ago we beat you guys, so there." And of course afterwards your coach, Dick "somebody get the kleenex" Vermeil goes to the locker room and bawls like a baby, that was always a nice touch to have a coach so in touch with his feminine side...and of course after that ONE playoff victory over the Cowboys TWENTY-FIVE years ago, the Iggles got stomped in the Super Bowl. Thank you for pointing out my mistake, maybe you could take a shot at us in the playoff's, but unfortunately little Eli Manning is going to bend your poor birds over on Sunday. What's that sound I hear?oh, that's the sound of the Iggles window of opportunity slamming shut. Too bad you guys couldn't at least get one Lombardi for the trophy case, but just remember, every 27 years you guys get another shot so you have that to look forward too.

At 11:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 11:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 11:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate to say it, but he's right. It's not easy rooting for the Eagles year after year. True Eagles fans know deep down that it doesn't matter how good things might look, somehow, someway, the wheels will fall off and we'll have our hearts ripped out once again. Such is our year this time around. It's been a good run, NFC East Champs, NFC Champs, then we add that elusive "missing ingredient" in the form of T.O., but then Roy Williams of the hated Cowboys horse collars him, he makes it back for the Super Bowl, then McNabb runs out of gas when we needed him most...and so it goes. Then of course the Eagles karma kicks in during the off-season and now here we sit, all the wheels are off and who knows how long before we ever make it back again.

At 11:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe if you idiots didn't think it was so funny to laugh and boo when a player has a career ending injury on your turf, or how about all the booing when Santa Clause made his appearance, or maybe all those snowballs with batteries inside that you jerks are so infamous for throwing at other teams and fans...I mean, do you know of any other stadium that has had to put a judge on duty in the basement to deal with all the criminals that represent the Eagles fanbase??? Yet you wonder why bad things always seem to happen to your organization??? What goes around comes around. I can just imagine a father and son in Philly getting ready for a game and the son innocently asks, "Daddy, why are you bringing a pocket full of double A batteries?" "Well son, if we don't win, then we put these inside some snowballs and try to hit some of the other teams players and coaches with them, that's what you do if you don't win. Also, if one of their players gets hurt I better never catch you applauding when he leave the field...you boo and make fun of them, that's the Philly way." Nice legacy you guys have created.


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