Friday, November 18, 2005

It's Time To K.O. T.O Talk

No matter how much they try, the Eagles can't get Terrell Owens out of their system. The T.O. questions had died down slightly until Jeremiah Trotter went on television and said that he would like to have him back and relayed those thoughts to Andy Reid.
Then Trotter said he thought Donovan McNabb would accept Owens back, if T.O. would act like a normal teammate. Watching Owens' body language when Owens' name is mentioned, there are many who would disagree strongly with Trotter's assessment.
There is nothing normal about Owens, nor about what has become a dysfunctional Eagles team. Trotter wants Owens back. It seems like more than a few teammates agree with him. So the issue won't die just as the Eagle season is dying a slow death.
There is no way that Andy Reid wants any part of Owens coming back, so you can forget that. The problem is that even when he goes away, the questions about him will continue.
Sunday's game against the New York Giants will be the third without T.O. and yet he continues to dominate the conversation.
The only way the Eagles could change the subject is by winning. Anything less and it will be a full menu of T.O., something that becomes less appetizing with each passing day.


At 12:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To dispel the TO curse, the Eagles cannot merely win.......they have to beat a team with him on it.....anything less is merely fodder for print.


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