Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Injuries No Excuse For Clipped Birds

The Eagles offense and defense aren't the only things that have been ailing recently. The team itself isn't in the best of health. As if the Eagles don't face a big enough challenge in attempting to win on Sunday night in Washington, now it's likely they have to do it without Terrell Owens. Coach Andy Reid said on Wednesday that T.O. is listed as doubtful with an ankle injury, but the team wouldn't defintely rule him out.
"He is hurting and sore and it is going to be a fight to get him there for Sunday, but we are taking it day by day and he is making progress in the last couple of days," Reid said.
Despite his preseason antics that threatened to rip the team apart, Owens has been the Eagles' most consistent offensive performer. He has 47 receptions for 762 yards and six TDs.
If he is unavailable, this would put a lot of pressure on rookie Reggie Brown. A team lining up with Brown and Greg Lewis at receiver, isn't as scary as Owens and anybody else in the NFL.
Then we found out that Donovan McNabb has added another injury to his profile, as if there is any more room for any. Now McNabb has a bruised rib and he didn't practice Wednesday, but vowed to play on Sunday.
Say what you want about McNabb's lack of recent passing accuracy, but there might not be a tougher person who can endure more pain in the NFL.
Speaking of pain, Jevon Kearse didn't practice and his shoulder injury makes him questionable. Jeremiah Trotter missed practice with a knee injury, while DT Sam Rayburn was out with a stinger.
Washington's injury list is almost as long, but the Skins don't have the marquee names such as Owens and McNabb banged up.
Still, the Eagles can't use injuries as an excuse if they put up another clunker this week. This is near the midway point of a gruelling NFL season and every team is banged up. Even with the injuries and players at less than 100 percent, the Eagles have better personnel than the Skins.
So they will have to lick their collective wounds and go out and play up to their potential, something that hasn't been seen in the last three games.
It's proven that teams that use injuries as a crutch, usually end up with shorted seasons. If the Eagles are a playoff team, they have to show it this week, whether they feel good or not.


At 9:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the Eagles, more than injuries, are being hurt by a lack of emotional leadership.

Losing players like Hugh, and Chad Lewis really hurt. Players like that get all over other players who may not be giving their all for whatever reason. We still have Dawk for that but he's still only one person.

Couple that with the loss of players due to injury and free agency and it's not a great combo.

At 4:00 PM, Blogger ziggyzah15 said...

The Eagle Players just need to show up at every practice and game day ready to win. This is a matter of maturity! The team is not made of U/12's getting ready to play soccer on a very hot summer day.

They are pros and need to start playing like pros. The fans don't need to listen to all your press conferences and all that. Just show up and play...defense needs to take care of business, offense needs to get on the score shit early.

If the players are injured, ailing...who cares, that is why there is a depth chart. If the guys who are supposed to come in for the injured can't play...then why are they on the pay role! EAGLES...Suck it up and get it together...Period!


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