Thursday, November 17, 2005

Could McMahon Provide a Spark?

It has come down to this. The Eagles are resting their fortunes on a quarterback with a career 43.9 completion percentage with one win as a starter.
Yet believe it or not, replacing Donovan McNabb with Mike McMahon was the right move. McNabb has proven his toughness time and time again.
He is also a proven winner. The only problem is that McNabb is having a bad year. Bad decisions, bad plays, bad results.
McNabb won't use his sports hernia injury as an excuse, but it has not doubt hampered him. Yet, if he is out there, then McNabb had to be presumed good enough to play and win. He wasn't good enough to do either on a frequent basis.
And that's why the team might actually receive an initial spark from McMahon, who is 1-6 lifetime as a starter when he was with some horrid Detroit Lions teams.
All the players we talked to professed great faith in McMahon, who is considered a better athlete than a quarterback. Does that sound familiar?
That is how McNabb was perceived early in his career. Since then McNabb developed into an excellent NFL quarterback, regardless what the e-mailers think.
People seem to forget that he has taken this team to four NFC title games and one Super Bowl. McNabb must change a reputation that he hasn't performed well in the big spot - i.e. last year's Super Bowl and all four NFC title games, where he has been below average.
The attempt to change this perception will have to wait until next year For now, the team is in the hands of McMahon, who hopes to give the Eagles a spark with his legs.
Nobody in their wildest dreams could have imagined Mike McMahon as a potential savior to a season gone South very quickly.
A healthy McMahon is a better alternative than a hobbling McNabb. Either alternative has to have the New York Giants licking their collective chops.
At least McMahon is experienced at performing in seemingly hopeless situations. After all, anybody who has played for Rutgers and the Detroit Lions and not been shell-shocked, is a study in resiliency. And for now, he's the best option the Eagles have.


At 2:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Correction: The team is in the hands of McMahon, not McNabb


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