Friday, October 28, 2005

T.O. No Team Player

Once again Terrell Owens has exposed himself to be as phony as a $3 bill. Owens appears to be only out for himself and his recent comments on ESPN again show that he refuses to put the team first.
“They are not getting the ball in our hands enough,” he said on ESPN about himself and Brian Westbrook. Owens, for all his toughness as a player, is apparently afraid of the Philadelphia media, so he picks and chooses his soundbites with mostly national networks and one radio show in Miami.
Whether he talks to the local media or not, isn’t the issue. Owens goes quiet for a few weeks and then when the lack of attention appears to bother him, he comes out with a me-first statement like the one he made to ESPN.
First of all, he is tied for the NFL lead with 44 receptions, so the Eagles have found him on an average of 7.3 times per game. If one multiplies that by 16 games, Owens would have 117 receptions for the season, which is more than a heavy load, even for somebody who craves the limelight like Owens.
If he had a problem with his so-called lack of opportunities, then he should have told coach Andy Reid. That’s assuming he talks with his coach.
Don’t think that Owens didn’t realize the entire nation would hear his gripe by talking to ESPN.
Owens already has the statistics that should earn him entrance into Canton and the Pro Football Hall of Fame on the first ballot. He has 713 receptions for 10,381 yards and most importantly, 100 touchdowns.
He knows how to find the end zone as easily as he knows how to find controversy.
There is nothing wrong with a receiver wanting the ball more. That is what makes him such a great receiver. Yet spreading the dirty laundry to a selected media member is the way a true team player goes about his business.
Owens’ creative end zone celebrations are again, all bout bringing more national attention to himself. He gives the impression that being the main man on highlight reels is among his main goals.
If Owens just continues to play the way he has in his nearly year-and-a-half with the Eagles, he will get his deserved attention. Apparently that isn’t enough.
Donovan McNabb never talks about his statistics. With McNabb, it’s all about winning. Owens may be jealous that McNabb is perceived as the true hero of the franchise, but T.O. should take a long look in the mirror.
Everything McNabb says and does is geared toward making the Eagles a better team. He could have made the earlier incidents with T.O. ugly, but McNabb took the high road, because it was better for the team.
The fans aren’t stupid and can see that McNabb would do anything to win. Owens obviously has a will to win, but his penchant for self-promotion often gets in the way. Whether it’s fair or not, Owens has a reputation for putting himself, first, second and third, before the team.
And with his recent comments, it’s a reputation that won’t die easily.


At 1:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see in your article you reference how many catches Owens has this year, but neglect to give any stats on yards per catch or yards after catch. I think you're missing the point of what he is saying. Last year it was the effect Owens and Westbrook had on defenses after the catch that made the difference. This year it's the lack of deep balls and slants that is the difference and that is what he is talking about. It's not enought to get them the ball, you have to get them the ball so they can do something with it. No one wants to talk about how these two guys are getting killed this year after catches because the quarterback is putting them in even worse catching positions than he usually does. No one want to talk about the fact that both of these guys give 110% on every down and yet want to praise Donavan likes hes the one getting slammed on the routes. McNabb throws a bad ball, everyone in football knows it and he's gonna get someone killed one of these days. Just because Westbrook is not the kind of guy who talks to much, doesn't mean he's not as frustrated as Owens. Both players have been shown little respect for their efforts the past year. Also Owens doesn't talk to the Philly media because they threw him under the bus after he and Westbrook were the only guys on the offense who showed up in the Super Bowl last year, and he had the gaul to ask for more money. You come up big you should be paid big....end of story. McNabb is not a team guy, he's an organization guy. He always backs what the organization does,not the team. Ask Corey Simon, and Germaine Mayberry and the others who talk out and then get shipped out....McNabb wants to audition for the cover on a box of pancakes, that's his business. But let's not put a crown of thorns on his head for doing it.....

At 11:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 7:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A lot of what T.O. says and does makes sense, except that he gets in such a war with media that it has effects on the team. That he doesn't consider the team in his struggles shows a weakness in his character. But this character flaw was obvious before he came to Philly. The Eagles house is crumbling a little this year and in no small part due to the pressure this team is under to finally win the S.B. T.O. is not helping the situation, but he definitely still helps on the field.

At 10:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

First anonymous is a fool!
McNabb IS HURT. And will be hurt for the ENTIRE SEASON! I've seen both Ownes and Westbrook choose the out of bounds option over the extra yard several times this season. Owens may be a goof ball, but unless they plan on getting Marvin Harrison in the off season, I believe they should keep Owens next year. They've already alotted for his salary and one has to hope that McNabb will be healthy next year and a legitimate Super Bowl run in focus. However, I see Owens gone, a hole where 2 outside linebackers should be and a blocking dummy at one defensive end position. Look at all the uys they lost this past year VS. who they replaced them with? Burgess for Kalu? Pinkston for Lewis? C. Lewis for Spach? Mayberry for Hicks? Simon for Patterson?
This, along with no RB and Mcnabb hurting is your peoblem.

At 10:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Owens is all about Owens. You can spell his name using one letter, "I" He is a great receiver, but not a team player. Sadly, he'll never be truly appreciated as his lousy personality gets in the way. Why he's mad at McNabb is a joke. He wanted McNabb to interject in his contract business, that's a no no with players. Look at the crap Favre caught when he made his comments about his receiver's contract situation over last summer. If Owens is mad, he should be mad at himself and his agent. On his radio show, what is he talking about? He's boo hoo hooing that the Birds gave him no recognition for his 100th pro touchdown. It's all about him in his mind. His reputation is accurate and well deserved.


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