Sunday, October 23, 2005

Better Lucky Than Good

There is the perception that the Eagles were awfully lucky to beat the San Diego Chargers. This is one case where perception is indeed reality. Yet in the NFL, they don't give credit for style points, only wins.
The Eagles will continue to be justifiably criticized for not being able to run the ball and quarterback Donovan McNabb will come under scrutiny for his second second subpar game. Yet the Eagles, despite their warts are now 4-2 and appear back on the right track.
It seems every year, the Eagles win a game like this that they had no business earning, but it sure beats the alternative.
That's not to say that the Eagles problems may not catch up to them, but it every year, people criticize Andy Reid's pass-happy play-calling, but somehow the team seems to find a way to win.
Is this team better than last year? It doesn't appear that way, but they may not have to be. The Eagles are going to have to get used to these close grind-it-out games. The Andy Reid era has shown that they win more of them than they lose.
So while the Eagles are still working out the kinks, they have the ability to pull out improbable wins.
Lucky? No question. But good teams make their own luck. And the Eagles did that in a win that no doubt is the biggest of the season to date.


At 12:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Narducci put it as succinctly and straight forward as possible . Nothing else need not be said.

At 7:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This team is not like other previous teams. It has no pass rush, lousy outside Line Backers, no running game and a very erratic QB. They DID get lucky against the chargers. Their true test will come over the next 5 weeks. They will need more than luck eventually.

At 1:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I disagree with the past performance theory in the Reid era and winning games today because of it. These are not the same players overall and it shows on the field. Reid has too many untimely problems and not enough talent on the team to overcome them as effectively as in the past. Past performance is not good enough today.

Reid needs to do something quicly and smartly with the OL to move the ball on the ground. The team was very lucky last week and if they play with a similar game plan this week as last week, they may not bite the bullet twice in a row.

While I don't advocate running Westbrook as they have in the past, I do advocate running him up the middle like Vermeil ran Montgomery, just to keep the defense honest. You all may not remember, that Eagle era, but Montgomery surprisingly got a mileage off those up the middle plays, more than anyone figured. It would not hurt to toss in a few of those per quarter and build off them if they are successful.


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